Jim Stubblefield Group

Spanish guitars & Rumba Rhythms

Formed in 1996, the Jim Stubblefield Group, was a special project that included Jim Stubblefield (guitar), Michael Peters (guitar), Steve Hong (bass) and Jeff Packman (drums). The group performed together from 1996-1999 and released the "Rhythm of the Heart" (Natural Elements Records) album which was nominated for "Acoustic Album of the Year" by NAV Magazine (New Age Voice). Selections from the record also appeared on the 1999 release of "Pure Flamenco: Nuevo Flamenco Passion" (Neurodisc/Priority Records) which included music by Govi, Ottmar Liebert, Eric Hansen and other well known acoustic guitarists. Many pieces from this album were featured on several "411 Video Magazine" skateboarding videos of the late 90s.

In late 1999 the group membership changed to include Jean-Pierre Durand (guitar), Liza Carbé (bass), Joe Shotwell (drums) and Nicole Falzone (percussion). This lineup went on to form the world fusion group Incendio and in 2000 the album “Misterioso” was released under the band name “Incendio featuring Jim Stubblefield”. Since then, Incendio has released 11 albums and Jim Stubblefield has released 4 solo albums.

String Odyssey

Instrumental Rock

String Odyssey is a band that features multi-instrumentalist Jim Stubblefield (guitar, bass, mandolin and keyboards) collaborating with various guest artists. The focus of String Odyssey is to create unique instrumental arrangements of classic rock songs with a heavy emphasis on the guitar as the “vocals”. Special attention has been taken to preserve many of the classic parts within these pieces. Jim will often play many of the bass and keyboard parts exactly as they were conceived on the original recordings. He then chooses a guitar sound to “render” the vocals. 

“There are a lot of cover songs out there. Especially of what is considered classic rock”, says Jim. “I wanted to recreate much of the original arrangements and then use that as the starting point. From there I can use these great songs as a launching point to throw some of my own ideas into the mix.”

Stubblefield & Hansen

Eclectic Guitar Duo

Jim Stubblefield & Eric Hansen are award winning guitarists and composers. Both have multiple solo albums out and now collaborate on a new eclectic sound.